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esmaspäev, 15. november 2010

Paavst vigiilist 27.11

Pärast pühapäevast Angelust rääkis paavst ka 27. novembril plaanitavast ülemaailmsest palvevigiilist tärkava elu eest:
On Saturday, Nov. 27, in St. Peter's Basilica, I will preside over the first vespers of the first Sunday of Advent and a prayer vigil for those in the early stages of life. This is a joint initiative with the local Churches throughout the world and I have recommended it to be observed in parishes, religious communities, associations and movements too. The time of preparation for Holy Christmas is a propitious moment to invoke divine protection for every human being called into existence, and also for a thanksgiving to God for the gift of life received from our parents.

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